Michelle Rodriguez Is a Fun Wedding Guest

Want to completely ruin liven up your wedding? Then make sure you put Michelle Rodriguez on your guest list.

The New York Post reports that the 30-year-old Fast and the Furious actress served as a bridesmaid at her best friend and manager Giancarlo Chersich’s wedding, and really brought her A-game when it came to making a spectacle of herself.

Rodriquez proved herself to be a force during the very first night of the four-day event, held at the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic, shoving fully-clothed guests into the swimming pool.

The next night, at the bachelorette party, Rodriguez brought the fun once again, loudly declaring that the male stripper was “fat and had a small [unit].” 

Mi-Ro took particular exception when the exotic dancer asked for a female volunteer to kneel before him, yelling, “That’s bullsh*t! He should be kneeling for her, this is a bachelorette party.”

As the beleaguered peeler pushed his groin into the bride-to-be’s face, Rodriguez bellowed, “This is the kind of thing that brings out the bisexual in me” and stormed out of the party.

Wow. Nice to know that Rodriguez can talk trash, and not just pick it up when she’s ordered to do so by a judge.