New Moon's Noot Seear Gets Something Off Her Chest

New Moon's Noot Seear Gets Something Off Her Chest-photo

With her upcoming performance as Heidi in the Twilight sequel New Moon, Not Seear is going to get a lot of exposure soon.

And from the looks of things, she's been practicing for that exposure.

The 25-year-old, Vancouver-born model has appeared in numerous ad campaigns, for such clients as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Pantene Pro-V, Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans, Kenneth Cole, Neiman Marcus, Alberta Ferretti, Rolex and Yves Saint Laurent.

Some of the jobs, as evidenced here, have been less amenable to clothing than others.

Looks like Alex Meraz isn't the only New Moon newbie who looks pretty good without a shirt.

For more photos of the lovely and intriguingly named Noot Seear, visit our massive gallery.



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  • Vee

    What's with the lightning? There just nipples! Who cares! We are so uptight over here.

  • Tash

    She is beautiful! Good on her for going topless, she is a model! (:

  • blue

    I'll never understand why people get so hot under the collar about showing skin. It's just skin. Not to mention the fact that she's a model. It's a very artistic shoot.

  • noah

    I wish I had lightning bolt boobies. Go stick your fingers in an electrical socket.

  • tracimac

    I wish I had lightning bolt boobies. Zeus ain't got nothing on that ish.

  • Yazz

    But she has the smallest part ever?! I hope they didnt give her character extra time or something,they could focus on more important stuff!

  • noah

    I wish my girlfriend had lightning bolt boobies.