Snoop Dogg: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fizz-un

Is there room in the world for another Snoop Dogg?

We’d better hope so, because that’s exactly what Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas has given us.

The museum unveiled its wax figure of the legendary rapper on Monday (appropriately enough, 4/20). And if you’re having trouble telling the two apart, there’s good reason; the waxy doppelganger cost $300,000 to make, is outfitted in Snoop’s own Rich and Famous clothing line, and was meticulously crafted.

“When our team from London met with Snoop in Hollywood, he gave us about two hours and we took nearly 200 measurements—matched eye, skin and hair coloring,” Madame Tussauds spokesperson Roxanne Holland tells People magazine. “He gave our sculptors the chance to experience his personality and nuances. He was an absolute joy!”

“Fa shizzle dizzle I said yes when asked,” Snoop adds. “I’m honored! The D O double G got a double.”

Well said, good sir.

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