Ty Murray Injured on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ AGAIN!

Ty Murray’s stint on Dancing With the Stars is starting to make his bull-riding career look like a day in the park.

Last week it was reported that Murray suffered a black eye while rehearsing with his partner, Chelsie Hightower, when a microphone pack attached to Hightower came crashing down on him.

And last night Murray’s wife, singer and fellow DWTS victim Jewel, tweeted that her man had sustained yet another injury.

“Just got to the show- DWTS- Chelsea fell On tys head and a rib got dislocated!” she wrote. “This show is so dangerous!”

Well, yeah; duh.

Luckily, she posted not long after that her hubby will survive the ordeal.

“He’s fine- i saw him break 3 ribs once and ride two bulls that night to win the event- he’s tough!” Jewel wrote.

Sure, for now. But he might want to consider wearing full body armor from here on in.