Angelina Jolie to Play a Real Cut-Up

Angelina Jolie is going to see a lot of dead people in an upcoming film role—and no, it won’t be in a Sixth Sense sequel.

Variety reports that the superstar mega-mom has signed on to star as opera-loving medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta in a big-screen adaptation of authoress Patricia Cornwell’s hugely popular series of novels.

The film will draw from elements in several of the novels rather than adapt a particular installment, but since there are 16 Scarpetta novels to date, it’s suspected that a franchise, along the lines of Matt Damon’s Bourne series, is being planned.

Jolie, who’s currently filming the espionage thriller Salt, agreed to star in the film after meeting with Cornwell and finding common ground on which direction the big-screen adaptation should take.

And it probably didn’t hurt that playing a coroner will allow Jolie to indulge her fetish for knives.

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