Kevin Federline: Making It Big in the Weight-Loss Business?

Kevin Federline: Making It Big in the Weight-Loss Business?-photo

Dancer. Rapper. Philosopher. Father of the year. And now, Kevin Federline may be adding another entry to his résumé: Weight-loss program spokesman.

In Touch reports that Britney Spears' increasingly portly ex-husband has been offered a deal by NutriSystem to promote its Men's Plan program—and he's seriously weighing the offer.

"Kevin wants to lose weight, and he needs to make money," a friend of the 31-year-old former dancer notes. "He’s seriously thinking it over."

If K-Fed does take up the offer—and, really, what else does he have going on?—he'd join such esteemed company as former NutriSystem spokesmen Dan Marino, Tony Orlando and Larry the Cable Guy.

That's a heavy legacy to live up to.



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  • charliemurphy

    K-Fed is now K-Fudge.

  • triple8

    is THAT Kevin?!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Holy crap, he's all Humpty Dumpty in that pic. What the hell happened to him? Has he been mainlining hog fat?

  • Coop

    This should be interesting.


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