Vanessa Hudgens Signs On For 'Beastly'

Vanessa Hudgens Signs On For 'Beastly'-photo

Zac Efron isn't the only Disney star who's getting the big gigs!

ET Online is reporting that Zac's girlfriend, fellow High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has just signed on to play the lead role in CBS Films' The Beastly, a role that many believed would go to Leighton Meester.  The movie is a modern-day take on Beauty and The Beast, with big names like Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Keri Russell already on board.

While she will be playing the "beauty," Vanessa has to learn to see the inner beauty in the "beast," a former hottie who becomes horribly disfigured after a spell is cast on him by a classmate. Vanessa has expressed her desire to branch out with her career, and this sounds like a good starting place!

At least she has someone really, really, really cute to make out with in real life.

Tell us: Are you excited to see Vanessa in a new role? Let us know!



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  • felicity vella
    felicity vella

    yes, george cloonely will find happiness in a marriage with the right person...but please pleae george , not an Italian woman !!!!

  • heather

    [quote=caroline hynd]i just wanted to ask i9f zac is getting married to vannessa? no they aren't. it was a rumor.

  • laura

    i love vanessa so much. she´s such a great person and she´s not only beautiful on the outside but most in the inside. zac is one of the hottest guys and they really ARE the dreamteam. the new role is perfect because vanessa is the best actress and singer and dancer ever. :):) love u vanessa :-* you are incredible and soooo beautiful :-*

  • celebribabes

    a perfect role for her, 'beastly'

  • anagarve

    congratulations vanessa i hope great career for you

  • blahblah

    hey you guys! if it isnt already obvious! they are doing this show based on the book beastly! duh!!!!!

  • Thamina

    i am sooo looking forward! i'm soo happy love u vanessa

  • zanessa4everloveu

    yahhhh!im so happy that nessie had a new project but im so sad because she is not with zac .....but im happy ... love u zanessa

  • nicci

    i am so happy for her.

  • s

    I’m looking forward to seeing this. V is a growing talent and I’m following her career closely.

  • caroline hynd
    caroline hynd

    i just wanted to ask i9f zac is getting married to vannessa?