Ben Affleck Gets a Pass on New Flick

Ben Affleck Gets a Pass on New Flick-photo

Are you ready for some football?

Ben Affleck certainly is.

The Pearl Harbor actor combined work and play on the set of his upcoming film The Company Men, tossing around the pigskin in a park with fellow cast members.

The movie, which also stars Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, focuses on a year in the lives of three corporate workers trying to evade a round of downsizing in their company.

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Ben Affleck's mad football skills?



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  • raghad

    Ben`s gd ,gr8 & i love him ..........his film `Gersey girl " is normal but he is make fun in it.....)P

  • Shamrock

    Seriously, no one traps a man into marriage. If he is an involved party on the love making, then it is possible the lady may get preggers. It's possible they wanted to have children from the day they met. Stop with the who did what to who. They are a family of 4 and are going strong. All the best to the familia!

  • Janet

    Sarah - what an awful thing to say!! Jennifer Garner didn't trap Ben!! They were together quite awhile before they chose to start a family!!

  • isa

    i luv ben affleck and jen garner!! they look good together, both tall and gorgeous :)

  • sarah

    ben's great...he got dull after jen g. got herself pregnant and he was trapped. i think rachel mcadams and ben would make a great couple...just saw them in state of play.

  • NozyCat

    Ben is boring. He would make his life more interesting if he googled nozycat.