Khloe and the Gang Party in Mexico…With Kourtney’s Ex?

Those Kardashians sure know how to do vacation in style.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of their family and close friends spent last weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to celebrate Kourtney’s 30th birthday. 

Khloe shared some hilarious pictures from one of their afternoons laying out by the pool on her blog. She writes, “This day all we did was lay out by the pool! Poor little Kimmie laid out too long and got a major sunglasses tan! It was SO funny though! We called her Zorro the rest of the trip hahahaha.”

She continued, “We all had a ball! We swam, jet skied, surfed, and even had a cartwheel contest! Hahaha we had to think of something to do! LOL!”

And, look here! That’s definitely Kourtney’s ex-fiancé Scott Disick, who was a fixture on all three seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! What’s going on here, girly? 

Have your say in the comments: What do you think Scott was doing at Kourtney’s birthday weekend, since the two didn’t exactly have the nicest break-up? Let us know below!