Lady GaGa: Golden Girl

Lady GaGa: Golden Girl-photo

Lady GaGa's latest outfit is gold, baby, gold!

At least as far as the color is concerned.

The always eye-catching "Poker Face" singer emerged from her Paris hotel on Thursday, wearing a dress that looked like it was hastily fashioned from the bedspread in her room.

The quilted frock also had the unfortunate effect of making it look like the singer was hiding a hot-air balloon under her skirt. No wonder she's using that umbrella to shield herself from the public eye.

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Lady GaGa's latest outfit?



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  • Jade

    I luv GaGa but some of her fashion sense is horrible especially this 1. But other than that i luv her n cant wait 4 her 2 come and play in Birmingham again so i can go and see her. :D x

  • Victor

    Isn't the combination of a hat and an umbrella rather redundant on a sunny day? Sure is an amusing and clever ruse to get attention, then again... not really.

  • JoJo

    What the hell is she wearing!!!! I like the top part of he outfit, but the bottom.... not so much. Other than that, I love her music.

  • Victor Viceroy
    Victor Viceroy

    I like her crazy outfits, but this one is dog ugly. Thank god she wears this sh*t so I don't have to!