Octomom’s Curious Nom de Stripper

Clearly, Nadya Suleman—unpopularly known as Octomom—has a habit of borrowing celebrities’ styles.

And now, In Touch reports, she has a habit of borrowing their names too.

According to the magazine, back when super-breeder Suleman was paying the bills with her stripper skillz, she worked the pole under the alias Angelina. 

Those who’ve been following the Octomom saga may recall that Suleman has been accused of having an obsession with actress/baby collector Angelina Jolie. Coincidence?

But that’s not the only unseemly detail revealed about Suleman’s peeler past. A fellow exotic dancer who goes by the name Sage claims to have worked with Suleman at several amateur stripping contests and bachelor parties from 1999 to 2000.

This claim would seem to contradict Suleman’s earlier assertion that she had only performed at a gentleman’s club for “one night”  and quite when “I found out that I was expected to perform lap dances on the customers.” 

Also shedding light on Suleman’s clothes-shedding era: Limo driver Luis Ceballos, who used to shuttle the gals to their gigs. Characterizing Suleman as “full of herself,” Ceballos notes that she “always said she wanted to be really famous.”

Exotic dancer Sage, meanwhile, adds that Suleman was “overly flirty with the guys we performed for.”

Well, diapers don’t come cheap, you know. Even when you buy them in bulk.