Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Suddenly Camera-Shy?

Hills villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are capable of spurning the paparazzi’s attention? Who knew?

TMZ reports that Montag and Pratt, seen here filming a promo for I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, are trying to prevent the paps from snapping pics of their wedding on Saturday in Pasadena.

Apparently, a flyer has been circulated in the neighborhood where the nuptials will take place, asking residents to sign a petition to shut down side streets and sidewalks. The petition is also seeking to establish a temporary No Parking Zone “to discourage paparazzi from parking and hiding out in their cars.”

The petition doesn’t specifically mention the Speidi wedding, but it does reference “an untitled reality TV project” which will be shooting “interior and exterior dialogue” at a church. And the person listed as the line producer for the project produces The Hills.

Why would Montag and Pratt—who’ve aggressively courted the paps through every stage of their rise to fame—suddenly turn them away on the most important day of their lives? Could it be that they’re angling for an exclusive deal to sell the wedding pics?

Why, yes—it appears that may be the case!

MSNBC reports that the couple is having a hard time hawking exclusive photo rights to the wedding because, in these lean economic times, nobody is willing to match the price they’re asking. So now they’re considering selling them to all the tabs at once.

“The total number that (Montag and Pratt) used to get from exclusive photos is down,” says In Touch Editor in Chief Richard Spencer. “It’s sometimes better to go all round with the deal and ensure you make money and get exposure, particularly when television shows are involved.”

Notes one source, “They’d rather be on page 50 of Us, People, In Touch or Life & Style than be on the cover of a magazine like OK! that isn’t going to sell. They need to make money, and so does the magazine. The formula is changing.”

How romantic. And some people claim that gay marriage is ruining the sanctity of the institution.