Kellan Lutz Is in For a Killer Time

Kellan Lutz Is in For a Killer Time-photo

Kellan Lutz is really living the good life.

The New Moon actor is currently spending time in Australia with Twilight co-stars, including Edi Gathegi, to promote the DVD release of Twilight. As he met with fans, he dismissed the latest rumors that he is hooking up with Lindsay Lohan, saying "it's funny."

"It's crazy to read stuff about yourself and you're like where do people get this stuff from. I've met Lindsay once—like a year ago at just like an event and it was like, hey, hey, that's it."

Now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals Lutz is in talks to play the popular jock in New Line's A Nightmare On Elm Street. The remake of the classic 1984 horror movie will star Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley as the evil Freddy Krueger. 

A popular jock, eh? Something tells us that he would play that role quite well. 

The film starts shooting in Chicago on May 5, so they better figure it out soon! 



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  • Kelly

    Chuck is very Sexyy !! he's so beautiful !! Ed, I love you !!!!!

  • MrsEdwardCullen

    woot woot! Kellan down under. wish i was there although i would've prefered Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed!:)

  • TashLutz

    I love Kellan! Why can't they come to New Zealand? They go to Australia :(