Rob Pattinson Laughs Off Kristen Stewart Rumors

Rob Pattinson Laughs Off Kristen Stewart Rumors-photo

There may be photographic evidence that the pair enjoys hanging out with each other after late-night partying, but Rob Pattinson insists that nothing is going on between him and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight from the set of New Moon in Vancouver, Canada, RPattz shoots down the rumors once and for all. He says, "It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen, and when you look at it and realize it's on the front of a magazine... You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is."

The spaghetti loving star also expresses his fear of disappointing his millions of fans with his personal relationships. "I'm always really worried about ruining their lives," he says. "Especially with people that aren't famous. It's such a massive change. I'm kind of a paranoid wreck."

Well, Rob. You can always disguise yourself like you used to

Tell us, fans: Do you believe Rob when he says that him and Kristen are NOT dating? Let us know! 



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  • Emily

    i hope they get together they are really cute together and it will make a real big diffence in the other movies if the go out it will be easier for them in the pther omvies espically Breaking Dawn in all the nude secens ( sex secnes).

  • kathie

    well, between rob and kristen they have chemistry between them, but they are also good actors that's why they inspired people to like there love them, but whatever happen in the future let's hope its for the best. If rob doesnt want to hurt other peoples feeling why other people will do that? let's give them some space, if its meant to be its meant to be the more people will expect the more it will never happen, well its all for the 2 of them if they will see what people see for 2 of them...

  • anna

    Kristen is great and so is Robert. Its wonderful if they are together but we are just fans. We have no right to interfere by forcing them to admit their relationship even though we love the pair so much and we wish for them to be together.

  • jorja

    i dont like them together kristen and michael look good as a couple

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    i guess not. or maybe yes. they're cute couple!

  • bwawey

    Kristen is gorgeous.I like her better with minimal make up.She 's a natural beauty unlike other hollywood stars who have fake boobs,lips nose,butt and every body part that can be bought from great plastic surgeons.There are others out there who think that KStew is panting after RPAttz.Common, from the very beginning of filming,RPAttz has been very vocal of her feelings about KStew but it appears that KStew sort of rejected him.While it's obvious that KStew is attracted 2 RPAtzz,that's not enough.She is still with her bf.But at least,it appears that KStew and RPattz are great friends..So fans,let them be.True love can wait.

  • lakeybear

    I just saw "The Duchess", I think Keira Knightley and RPattz would hit the Grand Slam as lovers in th a romantic period piece, especially since they're both English and super talented!!! Saw Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel and she really has no class like Keira!

  • abbie

    if he says so sure am gonna believe him cause like he's sincere, i think

  • NiiiNNN

    You suck and you have too much attitude!

  • aarantxa

    They are not dating they look kind of cute but htey are not dating Kirsten has a boyfriend & they have been together a long time , she is not going to dump him just because the fans say that they look cute together & they need to be a couple

  • Meh

    Wtf, there are three pages of comments on this crap? REALLY?

  • Cullen Babe
    Cullen Babe

    I AM IN THE I HATE KRISTEN STEWART FAN CLUB! She is so annoying and weird. In interviews she always looks like she's on drugs and i want to go hit hello, you are standing next to the hottest guy like ever and you look annoyed.My verdict:Kristen Stewart doesn't deserve the publicity she gets because of Robert Pattinson.She doesn't deserve him!!!!!!!!!!

  • MBD

    we all are crazy for him but if you really look at it what are the cchances he will pick one of us out of all those brautiful stars... that and he might not be the way he is in twilight you dont know...

  • india d
    india d

    I would just love to sit with my eyes close and here Rob sing. I've listened to alot of his music and his voice is intoxicating to me. He's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • elizabeth

    Definately together. All that he is referring to is how ridiculous the article is. All the magazines that came out in the time that he is talking about were the love triangle/cat fighting articles involving Nikki Reed but funily enough he dosent mention her. Kirsten isn't with her boyfriend anymore, they broke up because he cheated on her

  • letsdance

    They would be cute but I higly doubt they will be an item. Rob is hot so I say just play the

  • sol

    and maybe ...only maybe...they're such great actors that they made us all believe that they ACCCCTUALLY love each other... but the awful truth is that...well its only a movie you know? leave those kids alone!!!! Celebuzz stop making up stories GIVE THEM A FREAKIN BREAK

  • sol

    Personally, I dont even want to know if they're together..cause..well who cares! I loved the movie, and I'll probably love New moon too, so whay is it suuch a big deal to know if theyre together or not, if they are they'll tell..and if they're not ..they'll tell it too, and if they're 2gehter and they dont want to tell ... WELL THATS GOOD 4 ME, AS LONG AS THEY KEEP ACTING. Oh well thats just my opinion

  • dianna

    kristen could do so much better than pattinson!

  • erin Lewandowski
    erin Lewandowski

    Rob is Deff. telling the truth i think. I wish they would go out though they are the cutest couple ever. =)

  • Arabella

    don't fell bad about disappointing your fans when your ralationship fail lol In love you also rise and fall... so enjoy the love while you can. I bet you are in love with Kristen and Kristen loves you too

  • crissy

    Rob should say the hell with it and enjoy his life right now as the rest of the cast should.I know some guys do worry about letting some people down.I know he means that.Have fun hang out just like bella said.~Good luck Twilight cast!

  • ames

    Kristen suck, she has way too much attitude!

  • Stacy

    I do think that they will eventually take their relationship to the next level i mean really!! They have two more romantic movies together esp. Breaking Dawn!

  • stardust

    I thought I was pretty hooked on the whole "Twilight" thing, but you guys are too much. Analyzing his every move - that's just so crazy. He is who he is, he'll do what he'll do. If it wasn't for this movie you guys wouldnt've showed any real interest in him or his personal life. So let the guy be and date who he wants to date. Frankly && Honestly, I dont really see him and Kirsten together in the real world. In the movie, sure they suite each other quiet well, but this is just a movie, it's for our entertainment and nothing more. So please stop gossiping about him and who he should be with or he shouldnt..This is too much..

  • Katie

    I really think that is grow up something betewen they. If the arent'n dating now, i think that in the future their relationship will go to the next step. In fact they have more 2 movies together with a lot of romantic scenes, so i really think that something will happen. I love you guys!!!!

  • angelicious

    i hope its true... they only look fine on the big screen... in real life i dont think its a good idea!

  • danybr

    stop putting him in this pedestal!

  • danybr

    lol.... there's something funny here: All of this comments only talk about "Rob's decisions" what about Kristen's decisions??? She have a boyfriend.People have to wake up and smell the cofee.I already said this like a milion times,but i'll say it again: HE IS NOT ALL THAT! and HE'S NOT EDWARD! and HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS PRODUCTION!!! So why don't YOU ALL show a little more of respect to the rest of the cast?

  • little J
    little J

    ofcoz i hope they become a couple , they look cute together. But T think we should respect rob's decisions , if we really like him.

  • Rob
    Rob matter what..we are all just humans..I don't care what happens...That's his life so you all should respect that..and you probably should respect his privacy as well as having faith in him and his decisions... So If you all call yourselves 'true fans' I/Rob would really appreciate if you all just accept his choices, let him do whatever he wants to do...Support him because he inspires you with his talent if you trully respect him. Now how would you all feel If there were all sorts of bizarre rumors about you, your privacy, your life..pretty much everything..? I would be very disappointed ...

  • Emma

    I wish rob and Kristen was going out they would be so great together!