Rob Pattinson Laughs Off Kristen Stewart Rumors

There may be photographic evidence that the pair enjoys hanging out with each other after late-night partying, but Rob Pattinson insists that nothing is going on between him and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight from the set of New Moon in Vancouver, Canada, RPattz shoots down the rumors once and for all. He says, “It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen, and when you look at it and realize it’s on the front of a magazine… You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is.”

The spaghetti loving star also expresses his fear of disappointing his millions of fans with his personal relationships. ”I’m always really worried about ruining their lives,” he says. “Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck.”

Well, Rob. You can always disguise yourself like you used to

Tell us, fans: Do you believe Rob when he says that him and Kristen are NOT dating? Let us know!