Samantha Ronson: It’s “Complicated”

Maybe they are really just taking a break after all.

Yesterday on The Ellen Show, Lindsay Lohan told the audience that she was hoping to get back together with ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson. Which seemed pretty unlikely, since Sam and her family have gone to great lengths over the past couple weeks to stay away from all contact with Lindsay, including seeking a potential restraining order and changing the locks on Sam’s house. 

Lindsay told Ellen, “I really care about Samantha and we’ll see what happens. Maybe when we’re fully in the right place. And I love her.”

It was likely that Sam saw Lindsay’s interview, since last night the skinny DJ changed her facebook message to “it’s complicated.” She had removed the “in a relationship” status from her page on April 4. 

Just yesterday Lindsay said, “I’m not looking to be with anyone right now. I don’t need to deal with that. It gets too distracting from everything that I need to focus on. Leaving town, you miss someone too much and you don’t want to go sometimes.”

But who knows. These days, that facebook status is pretty much a sure thing. 


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