Rihanna Wants Her Bling Back

The Associated Press reports that Donald Etra, attorney for “Disturbia” singer Rihanna, filed a motion last week stating that police confiscated $1.4 million in jewelry as evidence following her alleged February 8 beating at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown, and now she wants it back.

Etra’s motion states that a pair of earrings and three rings were seized by the cops following the reported attack. All of the items are made of “yellow metal,” and all but one item include “white stones.”

Since photographs of the items will suffice as evidence in Brown’s trial, the filing states, Etra is asking that the court “order the return of the property to [Rihanna] without further delay.”

Alas, even if the motion is granted, Ri-Ri won’t be holding onto the bling for long. The filing states that the jewelry was on loan from four different companies, who now want the items back for overseas events.

Brown is due back in court on Wednesday, to face felony charges of assault and making criminal threats.