VIDEO: The Jonas Brothers Get Baked With John Mayer’s Girlfriend

Whoa; this could get awkward!

A clip of the Jonas Brothers’ new show, Jonas, has made its way onto the Internet, and it features a love song to a certain young woman who’s been making the news lately.

In the clip, Joe Jonas professes his attraction to a pizza delivery girl, then he and bros Kevin and Nick bust out a tune titled, appropriately enough, “Pizza Girl.”

Whilst playing their ditty, the Brothers Jonas get added to a bunch of pizza ingredients and are eventually stuffed into a giant pizza oven by the object of Joe’s affection.

And the woman playing his love interest? None other than Scheana Marie Jancan, who’s rumored to be John Mayer’s post-Jennifer Aniston rebound.

Check out the clip below:

What will John do? And maybe more importantly, what will Joe’s girlfriend, Camilla Belle, have to say about this?

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