Joel Madden’s Tattoos Cause a Flight Risk

The skies weren’t all that friendly for Joel Madden this weekend.

The Good Charlotte rocker and baby daddy to Nicole Richie was attempting to board a flight from Chicago to London at O’Hare Airport late Saturday when, he twittered, a British Airways representative took exception to the substantial amount of ink on his arms.

“Was just told by a british air person I can’t get on the plane till I cover my tatts,” Madden wrote. “Should I fight the power?”

In the end, Madden admits, he agreed to throw on a long-sleeved shirt so he could make his flight. Though, he added, he wasn’t too happy about it.

“Yes i covered up to board the BA flight,” Madden tweeted later. “I didn’t want to miss it. And honestly i was embarrassed all the people were staring and laughing!”

“Its not my style to cause a scene I just had a convo with the BA guy told him how it was discrimination,” Madden added. ” I’m gonna write a letter!!”

Madden’s gal, Nicole Richie, shared in her man’s anger, sending out her own protest tweet.

“That’s the craziest story Ive ever heard. It’s sad there is still such discrimination in this world,” Richie wrote. “PS all of Joel Madden’s tattoos are spiritual. Since when is expressing your love for God & family against what British Airways stands for?”

Well, actually, British Airways would seem to stand for transporting people from one place to another. Unless, apparently, they have what they deem to be too many tattoos. But point well taken, Nicole.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Was British Airways unfair in making Madden cover up his tattoos?