Kate Walsh’s Divorce Runs Into a Housing Crisis

Not that Kate Walsh’s divorce from film exec Alex Young was a garden of roses to begin with, but it just got even more unpleasant.

TMZ reports that Young is dragging out the proceedings by filing papers on Friday contesting the reports of an accounting firm hired by the couple to determine the worth of their joint assets so they can be divvied up.

Young has allegedly been pestering the company so much that the firm, London & Co., filed papers last month asking a judge to grant a protective order to get Young off their back.

Young claims that London & Co. has refused to provide him with a full accounting of a multi-million home that the two bought in 2007, a month before they got married, and presumably believes that they’re concealing potential profits from him.

The accounting firm counters that it has provided Young with all necessary paperwork, but that he refuses to relent in his belief that they’re holding something back.

Maybe Young doesn’t realize that the housing market has taken a serious blow since they bought the house, leading to a decrease in its value?

In the meantime, Walsh is trying to bring the proceedings to as speedy a resolution as possible. OK! Magazine reports that the Private Practice actress’ attorney, Laura Wasser, has requested a trial date for their divorce, which would force the estranged couple to either sort things out on their own or let a judge handle if for them.