Octomom: Now Tat’s a Devoted Mother

Now that she’s inked a deal for her own reality series, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has inked herself up with a permanent tribute to the little blessings that made the whole deal possible.

RadarOnline reports that the super-breeder stopped in at the Kustom Kulture tattoo studio in Hollywood last week to get a tattoo—her eighth—that symbolizes her mega-brood.

The work, on Suleman’s left shoulder, depicts an angel with 14 stars and an infinity symbol.

“I just wanted to symbolize the eight babies and the six other kids and how the angel represents that they’re angels—they all are miracles,” Suleman notes. “And the angel’s dropping 14 stars, one for each child. That’s it. Kind of simple but meaningful to me.”

That’s quite the sacrifice, but Suleman says that the pain of going under the needle is nothing compared to the experience of childbirth.

“There were so many doctors ripping out the insides of my body that my body was literally squashed,” Suleman recalls. “It was so painful—that was so bad.”

How, uh, lovely.

Just make sure you cover up the tattoo if you ever need to catch a flight on British Airways, Nadya.

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