Seraphina Rose Is Bugging Out, Y'all

Seraphina Rose Is Bugging Out, Y'all-photo

Seraphina Rose Affleck may only be a few months old, but she's already getting around—and looking very stylish doing it.

Seraphina's mom, Jennifer Garner, took the tot, born this January, and her big sis Violet out for a stroll in Boston on Thursday, while papa Ben is busy filming his latest flick, The Company Men, in Beantown.

Seraphina made the scene in a ladybug-designed baby carrier, thus ensuring maximum cuteness despite the fact that her face was obscured.

In the spirit of the ladybug theme, we're making a wish that we get to see more of the newborn in the near future.



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  • Sol

    You people are soo mean.I just can't believe how much hate people have.Jen was at Felicity and Alias and was famous as a Tv actress and both tv shows were great!!! She is a wonderful and down to earth mom (maybe that is a bad thing in Hollywood right?)and Ben Affleck isn't suck an A lister.He is well known but is far from being for example Tom Hanks!!

  • Susan

    She used to be on Party of Five, and was fun to watch. She seems down to earth and a good mom. I haven't seen much of her more recnt stuff though. Cute kid! (I do think Affleck should stick to writing.

  • Pippi

    Usually the first comments are made by those who are actually fans of the celeb and the ones that follow are made by those who are haters and/or for some reason can't pass up the opportunity to talk trash about them. What is mind bloggling is why do these people bother with someone they don't like? Crazy if you wanna know the truth.

  • Pippi

    One things that keeps her famous is people like Sarah and the rest following her career around the internet and post negative comments about her just because they are jealous and want to be in her place. Other than that, she is pretty amazing in her own right. Rock on Jen.

  • Ali

    Wow, how jealous people can be of someone they don't know.

  • Sarah

    She was 'tv star' famous which is quite different than A-list which Ben is (was). Much like Katie H. who moved up the star ladder after she married Tom. If these girls never married A-listers, would we be talking about them now? Probably not - especially since her acting is bad and she's Forbes #2 most overrated hyped up actress. People in Hollywood says she's super FAKE too and her marriage is a sham w/Ben always gone. Oh well.

  • sydney

    I think she's famous because she was in that show, Alias, for several years. I never saw it, but a lot of people liked it. Plus, she was in a few movies. She was famous before she married Affleck.

  • lala

    AGREED! she makes the worst movies and is super dorky!

  • Sarah

    why is this girl famous? for marrying ben? ben's miserable. poor ben. her acting's terrible and her movies tank. annoying.