VIDEO: John Mayer Declares His Single-Dom

Good news, ladies! Despite recent reports to the contrary, John Mayer is still on the market. Or so he says, anyway.

Though scuttlebutt last week had it that he was shacking up with cocktail waitress and Jonas Brothers lust object Scheana Marie, Mayer swore up and down to cameramen for X17 Online this weekend that he’s unattached, and he presented some infallible logic to prove it.

“If I had a girlfriend, she would be incredibly offended by me saying, ‘I don’t have a girlfriend,” Mayer theorized after a kickboxing session in Santa Monica, California. “That’s how you can be sure. I could say, ‘I’m not with anybody.’ That’d be a death wish if you were the woman.”

Um…yeah! Seems like a perfectly plausible explanation.

But just in case people were still unclear on his argument, Mayer added, “If you were the woman and you stepped out and said, ‘I’m not with anybody, you’d have to go home and take a lashing for the next three weeks! So that’s the proof.”

Three-week lashings? Goodness, John Mayer really is a kinky devil. But we already suspected that.

Check out video of Mayer making his declaration below:

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