Avril Lavigne, International Ambassador?

Braces yourselves; the world of international diplomacy is about to get a lot more raucous.

“Sk8er Boi” singer and party enthusiast Avril Lavigne has announced on her MySpace page that she’ll serve as ambassador for her homeland of Canada when the 2010 World Expo kicks off in Shanghai, China next year.

“It’s really exciting as it’s the first time China has ever hosted World Expo and the theme is ‘Better City, Better Life,'” Lavigne writes. “It’s really cool that over 200 countries and international organizations are coming together at World Expo, Shanghai to create a better future for the world.”

The choice might seem odd at first, as the 24-year-old songbird hasn’t always been known as the most diplomatic person in the world. But her friendly relations with China were made official last year when she received a Certificate of Honor from the China Association of Social Workers, after she donated some of the proceeds from her best Damn Tour to poor children and families with disabilities in the country.

Good luck, Avril! And after you do your part to bring Canada and China closer together, perhaps you can do the same for you and your husband Deryck Whibley.