Dennis Rodman Slapped With Stiff Penalty After Booty Tap

Bad news seems to be following Dennis Rodman like a storm cloud these days.

First the flamboyant former NBA star got the ax from this season of Celebrity Apprentice. And now he’ll have to pay out nearly a quarter-million dollars for getting a little too cheeky with a Las Vegas waitress.

TMZ reports that a federal judge in Las Vegas has ordered Rodman to pay $225,000 to Sara Robinson. Robinson had claimed that, in 2006, when she was working as a “beverage manager” at the no-longer-existent Cuba Libre bar at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, a drunk Rodman slapped her butt without permission and tried to force her to dance with him.

In her suit, Robinson says she was completely humiliated in front of her coworkers and guests.

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Rodman has been accused of acting the jackass while over-imbibing.

Hopefully the financial setback will curtail his clubbing activities a little. It really does seem like he could use a time-out.

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