Garner and McConaughey Talk Twitter At ‘Ghosts’ Premiere

Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey looked stunning at last night’s premiere of their new romantic comedy Ghosts Of Girlfriend’s Past at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on in Hollywood, California.

When asked what the worst way to break up with a woman is, Garner laughed, “The worst way to break up with a woman would be like on the wall of Facebook. Or to get tweeted. Or Twittered. Or however you say it. That would be really horrible. Of course I wouldn’t do that now; that would, um, be kind of messy!”

McConaughey agreed as well. ”Man, that Twitter deal, that’s pretty bad, right? I mean, I’m letting her know, but I’d also be letting like 25,000 other people know that I’m available at the same time. That would kind of suck. Come on, right? Just do one at a time. Take your time, do it in person. Do it right.”

Wonder what they think about John Mayer?

Also on the red carpet: McConaughey’s gorgeous girlfriend Camila Alves, Superbad actress Emma Stone, and Victorias Secret model Marissa Miller