Jackson Rathbone Talks Tats and Twilight in Inked Magazine

Octomom and Rihanna aren’t the only ones who are up for a little skin illustration these days.

Jackson Rathbone, who plays vamp Jasper Hale in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, opens up in the latest issue of Inked Magazine about his growing love of tattoos.

“I only have one right now, but I definitely plan to get more,” Rathbone reveals. “My friends and I were kind of the bad kids, in school, the troublemakers…The school administration was like, ‘Stay away from those boys-they’re ‘Lost Boys,’ so that’s what everyone called us. When I was 18, I got a tattoo that says, ‘I’m lost.'”

As for future ink, Rathbone says he wants to keep it in the family.

“I’d love to get the Rathbone family crest on my back—it would take up my whole back. Our motto is ‘Suaviter et Fortiter,’ which means ‘nicely, but firmly,'” Rathbone says. “My dad always taught me that you’ve got to give respect to get respect, and you’ve got to give love to get love. Makes sense, right?”

Rathbone, who in addition to acting performs in the band 100 Monkeys, goes on to detail the distinctions between rock groupies and Twilight fanatics.

“The 100 Monkeys fans are wild—one of my bandmates once got molested in a bathroom after a show,” Rathbone says. “The Twilight fans are so amazing—they’re always asking me to sign stuff, like their faces, or their cell phones. I’m like, I don’t want to de-face your cell phone! And I especially don’t want to de-face your face.”

C’mon, Jackson; at least an autograph washes off eventually. A tattoo, on the other hand…