Julia Roberts Should Watch Her !@*$! Language

Julia Roberts’ mouth, meet potty. Potty, meet Julia Roberts’ mouth.

The Pretty Woman actress, 41, paid supposed tribute to fellow thespian Tom Hanks at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday night, and apparently mistook the esteemed Film Society of London event for a Comedy Central Roast.

Us Magazine reports that Roberts’ praise of the Forrest Gump actor was served with a heaping side dish of f-bombs.

“Alright well, it’s late and I’m paying my babysitter overtime and I have to pee,” Roberts began her paean. “So Tom, everybody f*cking likes you.”

But urgent bladder situation or not, the obscenities were far from over. 

“Listen, I had lunch today with [Hanks’ wife] Rita, and her t*ts were here,” Roberts continued, motioning high, “and her wasit was here [motioned small] and her *ss was like that [motioned high], so what can I tell you that’s new? Tom Hanks, what the f*ck?”

Roberts went on to note that she didn’t know “what the f*ck” Hanks’ 2004 film The Ladykillers was about, and observed that she was “wearing the same f*cking dress tonight” as Hanks’ publicist.

Of course, Roberts has been known to let fly with the naughty words before. Last month, she unleashed a barrage of f-bombs on Late Show With David Letterman, and don’t even get her started on the pararazzi.

Have your say in the comments section: Was Roberts’ language at the Tom Hanks tribute appropriate? More importantly, was she funny?