Kellan Lutz Talks RPattz and ‘New Moon’

New Moon hunk Kellan Lutz was in Australia this past weekend, busy promoting the Twilight franchise and cuddling up to Miss Universe Australia.

Kellan, who plays Emmett Cullen in the Vampire flick, was on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O and gave quite a revealing interview, including the fact that they’re already halfway through filming the second movie! Here are the best parts:

On Rob Pattinson as a musician: “Everytime he picks up guitar, opens that part of his throat and sings.. It’s magical.”

If Rob is pissed about the smelly rumors: “Rob never gets pissed, shy guy.. humble. I dont think anything can get to him really…He’s so talented. I’ve never met someone who can …just do anything and everything!”

On Rob’s naked scene in Little Ashes: “Good for him for doing something out there.”

How is New Moon different than Twilight? “It’s more action based, not as much a love story. It’s more about the best friend relationship (Bella and Jacob) and the CGI.”

Is he jealous of all the attention Rob gets? “I have cut-outs of Rob’s magazine and put my face on them.” (Joking)

On his relationship status: “I’m quite single.”

And just for fun, here’s a video of Kellan and co-star Edi Gathegi doing a traditional Australian dance called “The Nutbush” at a party called “Twilight Prom” on Saturday evening: