Pam Anderson Presses the Flesh at Strip Club/Steak House

Is Pam Anderson ready to cozy up to beef again?

The former Baywatch babe—long known for her vegetarianism and strident animal-rights activism—was among the attendees at grand opening of Sapphire New York Gentlemen’s Club and Prime 333 Steakhouse on Monday Night.

Uh, Pam? A strip club and steak house? You do know what they serve there, right? We’re pretty sure it used to have a mother, and we’re not necessarily talking about the dancers.

Apparently, one pile of succulent flesh balances out the other to Pammy.

But Tommy Lee’s ex wasn’t the only eyebrow-raising guest at the bump-and-grind emporium’s unveiling. Spinning tunes inside the assemblage was renowned celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, who recently split up with her long-time lady-love, Lindsay Lohan.

Hmm, wonder if she saw anything appetizing on the menu.

Why, yes, it appears that she just might have