Shia LaBeouf: Ready to Hit the ‘Street’?

It looks like Shia LaBeouf really may be able to conquer Hollywood single-handedly.

In addition to the ongoing, hugely successful Transformers franchise and his upcoming role in the John Grisham adaptation The Associate, reports that he’s in talks to play a young stockbroker in the sequel to the 1987 classic Wall Street.

The sequel will feature Michael Douglas reprising his role as corporate raider Gordon Gekko and pick up 20 years after the first movie left off. A cinematic time capsule of the go-go ’80s, Wall Street captured the avaricious excess of the country’s financial system at the time.

And judging from recent activities among America’s financial bigwigs, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Check out Douglas dropping some corporate science in the original Wall Street below:

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