Cam Gigandet's Daughter Has a Name Now

Cam Gigandet's Daughter Has a Name Now-photo

UPDATE: Just Jared reports that Gigandet and Geisendorff have named their daughter Everleigh Ray Gigandet. 

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of the name?

Bust out the champagne (or maybe some blood), Cam Gigandet is a dad!

In Touch Weekly reports that Twilight star Gigandet's girlfriend, actress Dominique Geisendorff, gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday.

"There is no name yet," says an insider. "She is perfectly healthy, everyone is doing fine!" This is the couple's first child.

First a big new movie role, now a daughter—Cam's definitely on a roll these days.



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  • Karen Palmer
    Karen Palmer

    Congradulations Cam and Dom. Love your precious child's name. Wish you were still in Twilight series, Cam, however, maybe little Everleigh can play Renesemme by the time they film "Breaking Dawn" - keep it in the family. Love you guys Karen



  • hayley

    really cute.

  • Cassie

    congrats Cam Everleigh is a beautiful name as well! its gonna be one good lokking kid.. serioiusly looking forward to seeing Cam in The Roomate.. i wonder though.. will Cam and Dom's relationship last? I seriously doubt it will.. i mean i want him to be happy but i have my doubts.. hope it works out :)