Robert Pattinson Almost Gave Up Acting!

Robert Pattinson Almost Gave Up Acting!-photo

Could it be that there was once a time when Robert Pattinson thought he wasn't going to make it in the acting business?

Apparently yes, according to Oliver Irving, the director of the independent film How To Be, which RPattz filmed prior to his Twilight success.

Irving tells People, "He was thinking about giving up acting and maybe doing music solely when this role [in How To Be] came along. He wanted to play the roles he wasn't getting."

He also adds that the film, in which Rob plays a quirky and socially akward young musician, "got him back into the swing of things again" and was "challenging," since he had to play the guitar and harmonica—as well as hide his good looks.

The music part wasn't so difficult for the actor, who contributed to the Twilight soundtrack. Irving notes, "He downplayed how good he was. A lot of the time he would turn out to have a really good technique and we told him he needed to play it more simply."

Masking his good looks, of course, was more of a challenge! "I said, 'You're banned from cutting your hair between now and the shoot,'" says Irving. "We had to give him the most awkward haircut we possibly could, and we cut his trouser length a little bit too high. Things like that played down his apparent good looks."

Have your say in the comments: Could you imagine Twilight WITHOUT Robert Pattinson?



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  • Jaire

    I TRY to imagine Twilight without Robert. I try to replace his face with someone who actually looks like Edward, or at least looks good, or at least can act! BUT I CAN'T. He's the second worst thing that ever happened to Twilight. The first? Cathrine Hardwicke.

  • kylie

    hahahahahahaha........... no matter what happened i still love robert pattinson! everything about him whether it is bad or good... i will still accept him he .....^^ he's so talented

  • jess

    I have watched quite a few interviews with Robert Pattinson and the same question keeps poppng up. What is it about this movie that has so many females attracted to it? My answer to this are several. First there is no doubt about the appeal that Robert Pattinson has amongst the female gender. He is absoloutely gorgeous. He is dreamy, charming and has the most alluring voice that I have heard in a long time. There is also a vulnerability about him that makes (me) want to hug and hold and protect him. He seems intelligent and very funny. He is still very frank about his opinions and hasn't learned the hollywood art of answering questions. This is very refreshing and I am happy to see him make blunders in some of his answers(this accounts for talk on his hygiene habits). In my opinion the movie twilight is really a love story between two people that cannot have each other. It is also a movie that brings out chivalry. What woman does not want to be loved by a man like Edward. Loved passionately and unconditionally with every fibre of his being. In the book we have Edward not wanting to turn Bella into a vampire or to have sex with her so that he does not hurt her. This shows that he loves her so much that he is willing to sacrifice his own needs in favour of her well being. In real life this would be equivalent to a guy denying himself so as to protect the girl and the girl knowing that she could trust him no matter what. She would feel secure and safe all the time. What girl does not want this in a relationship with any man? I girl usualy needs to feel that she is loved and treasured. Robert you have portrayed Edward to a tea. bring forth all the dreamy qualities that females of all ages want. Together with your looks, voice, charm and witt you are the dream.

  • Heather

    Handsome...yes...talented musician....yes...talented so much. I'll give him this:he can act kind of, i'd rate him at a 5.5 out of a 10 scale. It's like he has what it takes to be a great actor but he isn't using it correctly. Sorry ladies! I love the Twilight series, even before everyone jumped on its bandwagon. I was excited to see him playing Edward, but when the movie started and the first words out his mouth were " name is Edward Cullen"....I knew I was going to be disappointed. He looks like Edward but...his acting skills aren't up to par.

  • Angie

    I like Rob as an actor he kinda pulls me in when I watch him in Twilight.And you can't make Rob ugly that's impossible he is just gorgeous.

  • elisilla

    As a musician he's very talented, so if it's acting or music, i don't care. Imagine Twilight without him? yes... girls would fall in love with whoever had that role, and played it well, of course. I read that Henry Cavill was the first actor considered for the rol, but he wasn't young enough. But i'm sure he would have been a great Edward Cullen a few years ago. I'm looking forward to watch this movie and see a different RP.

  • carmen

    he'll definitely have work since this day until he dies !! he's good at every role ive seen him in ! so he'd better think twice before giving up acting !

  • abigail

    no i don't imagine twilight with out rob, cause he's an exselent actor. i love how he plays the piano and ho he's trats bella in the movie he is a very talented guy.

  • danybr

    see, i try not to be mean, but i can't you guys give me too much ammunition. Maybe he really should just stick with the music.I can't lie about that,he is really good as a singer.But as an actor!?someone please explain it to me how people can send him e-mails saying that he sucks one day and the next he is this handsome,"SOOOO TALENTED GUY"!???? You are all like puppets! I don't deny that he is a really, really good singer, but... i don't know. and one more thing let him be with who ever he wants, stop being such a pain in the ass.Nikki, Kristen, Kristen, Nikki... who f*** cares!? really? I'm bored already of seeing his face all the time. argh!


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