Celebuzz Interviews ‘JONAS’ Star Chelsea Staub

If you don’t know who she is yet, that’s definitely about to change.

Chelsea Staub is one of the leads in the new Jonas Brothers TV show, JONAS, in which she plays Stella Malone, their best girl friend! As a friend of Joe, Kevin, and Nick since childhood, she attends high school with them and also designs the clothes for their super-popular band.

Celebuzz sat down at Radio Disney to talk to the beautiful, 20-year-old Arizona native about the show, which premieres on the Disney channel on Saturday. Of course, we wanted to know all about her time spent with the Jonas Brothers.

She said she loves how her character gets “the best of both worlds,” and that she gets to “bring them back down to earth” on the show, since she’s their liaison between life as normal high schoolers and rock stars. She auditioned for the part two whole years ago, when the brothers’ fame was nowhere near what is it today, and they filmed the show over a 6-month-period, without an audience, so it was very similar to a movie.

As for the brother’s characters on JONAS? They play exaggerated versions of their separate personalities, and a major part of it is making fun of themselves! Nick, as the serious one (“a 30-year-old in a 16-year-old-body”), Joe, as the clown, and Kevin, who goes all out on everything!

They also LOVE their pranks. Besides Kevin making her laugh all the time, Joe once took all of her furniture out of her dressing room and almost convinced her that she had been fired! She remarked that “you’ve got to be a brilliant prankster” to compete with the three of them.

Other juicy bits:

  • On her own personal style: “It changes from day to day, I’d call it ‘bohemian chic.’ I like earthtones, woods, greens.”
  • On which brother she’s closest to: “I met all three at the same time,” but, “its really easy to talk to Joe, since he’s around my age.”
  • On what she’s doing for the premiere: Watching it at her L.A. apartment with her dad, grandma, and mom, which she calls “Team Staub.”
  • On her biggest splurge: A HUGE Betsey Johnson purse. When she finally unwrapped it at home, she realized she had accidentally bought a diaper bag!!
  • Who she’s dying to work with: Goldie Hawn.
  • Her celebrity crush: “It changes daily between Justin Timberlake and Wolverine actor Taylor Kitsch.”
What do you think about Chelsea? Let us know your thoughts and predictions for her future in the comments!