Chelsea Staub Dishes More Jonas Dirt

Chelsea Staub may have one of the coolest jobs, like, ever.

The 20-year-old actress stars in the new Disney show JONAS, alongside the Jonas Brothers and her best friend Nicole Anderson. On Wednesday, Chelsea sat down at Radio Disney to talk about the new show and reveal what it was like working with some of the most famous brothers in the world.

“It wasn’t a diva set” at all, she says, adding, “The brothers are just like you see them on TV. They’re normal, cool, fun guys. You forget who they are.”

Staub adds that, when working on the set for a six-month period, “you really get to know poeple for who they are at four in the morning.” While she wouldn’t reveal which brother was the crabbiest during the wee hours of the morning, she did say that until lunchtime, “it was quiet time on the set.”

Staub also reveals that Kevin, Nick and Joe did tons of improv on the set, and the majority of it made it into the show.

As for the music side of the series, Chelsea marvels at how well the JoBros performed while under the gun. Staub reveals that, at the beginning of the week, they’d receive a script for the following week, which would include dialogue and an empty slot for a yet-to-be-written song. The following day at the table read, Nick would already have the song written and completed, which she couldn’t get over.

“It shows how talented they really are,” she enthused.

Nick, she also said, “acts like a 30-year-old in a 16-year-old body.” She spilled that whenever Joe would fool around on set, Nick would always say the same thing: “Joe, don’t be foolish.”

Can’t you just picture that?

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