Jennifer Garner Gets the David Letterman Treatment

The lovely Jennifer Garner stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman last night, and was as charming and beautiful as ever! 

The mother of two stopped by the show to promote her new flick with Matthew McConaughey, Ghost Of Girlfriends Past, and started her interview off by bringing Dave some hot tea and honey, as the late show host was suffering from a bad sore throat.

Of course, Dave inquired about Garner’s huge scrapes and bruises on her knees, joking, “Was that fun in the hotel?”

Blushing, Garner explained: “I just biffed. I took a header. I wasn’t even making an action movie or anything. If you do it when you’re making an action movie, you feel cool. When you do it when you’re just running on a beautiful day in front of a lot of people, you don’t feel so cool. And you think you’re anonymous and suddenly everyone’s like ‘Jen Garner just fell down! Jennifer, do you need help???'”

Dave proceeded to soothe her bruised ego by handing out compliment after compliment to the actress about “how young” she looks, to which she replied, “Dave, get out of town!”

Later on, Dave asked her a question after another one of his compliments, and was met with silence.

“Jennifer??” Dave said.

“Sorry,” Garner eventually replied. “No one has flirted with me in years, I was just soaking it up.”

Finally, to top off the entertaining interview, Dave first applied Neosporin to Garner’s cuts, then she stuck the bottle in her bra!

Watch both parts here:

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