Lady GaGa: Scared Of Boys?

Lady GaGa continues to surprise us, but this time, it has nothing to do with what she’s wearing, holding, or doing.

Despite reports last week that the 23-year-old singer has a new boyfriend named Speedy, the tea-cup loving star told British reporters that she is shy around men and has “no luck” getting boyfriends.

“I am totally confident that I am an incredible artist and performer. I am extremely confident about my body, the way I dress, the way I want to look. But I have no confidence when it comes to men. Men are a disaster area for me. It’s so weird because I believe I am super sexy. I believe I am incredible, but I have absolutely no luck with boyfriends.”

But who wouldn’t want a girlfriend who dresses like this??

People, we need to figure this out! Why do you think Lady GaGa has no luck with men? 

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