NEW PICTURES: Rob Pattinson Leaves 'New Moon' Set At 5 A.M.

NEW PICTURES: Rob Pattinson Leaves 'New Moon' Set At 5 A.M.-photo

No one can ever accuse Rob Pattinson of taking his fans for granted.

The ladies over at RobPattzNews were waiting around at the Vancouver set of New Moon last night when they were lucky enough to encounter Rob on his way out of shooting a certain scene.

The scene they were filming? That horrible break-up scene, which, avid Twilight-ers know all too well, is pretty hard to swallow. The girls reported that the cast was filming at Bella's house from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., which is when they observed Rob's car pulling out of the set.

Rpattz said to the waiting fans (about 10 remained at this point), "What are you all doing here. Don't you have school tomorrow?" Smiling, he signed autographs for his loyal fans and thanked them for their support.

They also noted that Rob was "giggly and shy as usual." Aww! It's heart-warming to hear that after 12 hours of shooting, he is still the humble guy we have grown to know and love.

Check out all four pics of Rob greeting his fans in our gallery.



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  • bere

    hola como estas espero q super bn t.q.m eres el mejor actor q e conocido en mi vida cuidate muxoooo xoxo

  • kerryfromireland

    em elisilla, they arent following him particularly, they were just there hoping to get any of the Twilight casts autographs or pics!! its just pure luck that it happenend to be Robert!! and i know if i lived in Vancouver, had the rite clothing and was allowed to stay there as long as it took, then id be there like a shot!!lol. id like to just show them my support and if i was there and saw Robert id say that New Moon was my favourite book out of the series and that i know that theyll do an excellent job with it!! hes gorgeous like seriously!! and him saying that to the fans shows that he is beautiful in the inside and not just in the outside!! i love this guy hes so down to earth!! i think that the Twilight cast are the most genuine people in the acting buisness ever!! i cant say a bad thing about one of them!!!

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    gosh!love him!

  • elisilla

    His fans are crazy!!! i mean, what are they doing there at 5 am??? Ok, he's hot, but following him everywhere it's too much.

  • fan

    Rob Pattinson is going to play Georges Duroy in the film 'Bel Ami' by Guy de Maupassant. The story chronicles Georges Duroy's corrupt rise to power from a poor ex-NCO to one of the most successful men in Paris, most of which he achieves by manipulating a series of powerful, intelligent, and wealthy mistresses.

  • sally

    sex on legs

  • becca

    He looks amazing.

  • aarantxa

    5 AM ! wow

  • Val

    maybe robert didn't cry because vampires in the twilight series can't cry

  • Val

    maybe robert didn't cry because vampires in can't cry

  • Manoela

    my oh my....

  • becca

    OMG he loooks so sexy.

  • Tina

    Question: If the cast just got done filming the break up scene was itn't Robbert Pattinson no spotted crying when leaving the New Moon Set??? That scene should be a real as it can ever be real!!!

  • 2die4robert

    Aside from being so handsome and sexxxy, he's so humble!!!! He loves his fans so much.... I ADORE YOU ROB!! =) YOU'RE SUCH A GREAT MAN!!

  • aleena_18

    RPATTZ is so HOT and SEXY!Gosh,I wish I was there in Vancouver right now.

  • ounsreynisa

    awwwww!!!ROBERT PATTINSON is sooo cute and handsome in this picture.I wish I was one of those lucky girls there.=)

  • Rozicullen

    He's so adorable!!! I wish I was there to tell him just love him!!! Too much!!! omg..The break-up scene...= I can't wait anymore!!!!lol

  • Zuu

    OOOH GOOOSH he is soooo sexyy (L) i love him, so cuute



  • Edward Lover
    Edward Lover

    Awwz..!! I love him..! He is so adorable, recpectful.. he is the almost perfect Guy..! !! Awzz!! ^^ Love him..! ^^