Octomom Gets a Visit From the Po-Po

The already crowded house of Nadya “Octomom” Suleman received a few unexpected visitors on Wednesday, as police detectives and Orange County Child and Family Services officials descended on her La Habra, California, home, the Associated Press reports.

It seems that Suleman’s four-year-old autistic son Aiden, showed up at school with a black eye and bite marks, raising the concerns of the teachers at his school and prompting a 45-minute grilling session for the mega-breeder.

Suleman’s lawyer, Jeff Czech, tells the AP that the bite marks might have been caused by one of Octomom’s two-year-old twins, and that the black eye might have been the result of a fall.

“Poor Aiden,  he falls a lot,” Czech notes. “He jumps at noises and things and bumps furniture and walls.”

Czech goes on to note that, while he doubts his client will be seriously reprimanded, the biting culprit will likely be another matter, when Octo finds out which one of her kids sank their teeth into Aiden.

“Nadya says she grounds them, takes their favorite toys away—the typical things that a mother will do,” he offers.