Hayden Panettiere: Ready to Get Footloose?

Will Chace Crawford be putting some fancy moves on Hayden Panettiere soon?

E! Online reports that Heroes star Panettiere has auditioned for the role of Ariel Moore in the upcoming remake of the ’80s dance epic Footloose.

The male lead was originally going to be filled by Zac Efron, but he dropped out and Gossip Girl hunk Crawford will most likely be filling the spot.

Panettiere recently sang for Footloose’s makers, and “[t]hey were really impressed,” according  to a source. “No one realized what a good singer she is.”

But Panettiere isn’t a shoo-in for the part just yet; Dancing With the Stars beauty Julianne Hough is also being considered for the role.

Have your say in the comments section: Who would be a better fit for the Footloose role, Hayden or Julianne?