Nicole Kidman Says Tom Cruise Has Control Issues

According to Nicole Kidman, being married to Tom Cruise isn’t the idyllic situation it might at first seem to be.

Aussie actress Kidman—who was hitched to Cruise from 1990 to 2001—tells Easy Living magazine that Cruise expected her to be “seen and not heard” when they were together.

“I felt I became a star only by association,” Kidman continues. “We would go to the Oscars and I would think, ‘I’m here to support him.’ I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard.”

Presumably, Kidman’s current husband, country singer Keith Urban, is more generous in sharing the spotlight with his lady-love.

Also presumably, Cruise’s new spouse, Katie Holmes, is more willing to take a back seat to his star power.

Cruise might have a little trouble with their three-year-old daughter, though. If there’s one thing that kid excels at, it’s commanding attention.