Redmond O'Neal Avoids Jail Sentence

Redmond O'Neal Avoids Jail Sentence-photo

Redmond O'Neal caught a lucky break on Thursday. 

A Los Angeles judge decided not to send the 24-year-old son of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett to jail, instead opting to place him in an "intensive drug rehabilitation program that includes in-custody treatment at Wayside Honor Ranch" in Castaic, California, CNN reports.

Should Redmond fail to complete the program—which is expected to last at least a years—he could face up to four years in prison.

O'Neal has experienced continued legal drama because of his struggles with substance abuse. He was arrested for methamphetamine possession in September during a probation search at his father's Malibu home, which put him in violation of his probation for a 2008 drug conviction involving heroin and meth.

He has also yet to face the legal consequences of an arrest in April, when he allegedly tried to bring Xanax and heroin into a jail while visiting an incarcerated friend. O'Neal entered a not guilty plea on those charges on Wednesday.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Redmond O'Neal will be able to turn his life around during his rehab stint?



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  • angie

    what a waste of space just like the father good role model lol

  • Gil

    This guy is only 24 years old?... needs to look in mirror and take advantage of the breaks he has received. Hell ship him off to jail like anyone else. I hope the best for his mother, never heard of anal cancer, colon maybe...

  • Pop Warner
    Pop Warner

    If anybody ever NEEDED a jail sentence, it's this sneering young punk. Why, back in my day, he would have been shipped immediately to the deepest, darkest, dankest hole the California Department of Corrections had available where he would be subsequently introduced to the ins and outs of prison love. Of course, looking at him, it's not hard to imagine he'd find his true self and come to love it. Just sayin'.

  • fassbinder

    It is unfortunate end this story: Redmond may shift to the délinqance if it is not framed in his rehabilitation stay.