Shia LaBeouf Opens Up In ‘Playboy’

Shia LaBeouf is the star of one of the most-anticipated summer blockbusters, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and is featured in the June issue of Playboy Magazine.

In the interview, the 22-year-old opens up about his fateful DUI accident last July, admitting that he made a terrible decision by getting in the driver’s seat. “I had a whiskey and three beers,” he said. “I’m not going to start speaking on law stuff now and corner myself, but the fact that I ever got into the car was a mistake.”

And that mangled hand of his? “Permanently f****d. I’ll never be back to 100 percent or have full recovery. I can’t zipper my zipper or button my shirt without extreme pain. But I chalk it up as my own s**t. This accident is what I needed in my life. I’m not in control. For the first time, I can admit that and know that—the hand is like a tattoo that says MISTAKE.”

While the experience hasn’t made him stop drinking, Shia admits, “I’m in AA now, too. I’ve had drinks, but it has been a leveling-out process. Am I an alcoholic? I may not be. I don’t know. But I also know that in the situation I’m in, with temptations what they are, I have no room for alcohol in my life.”

What he does have room for, however, is a sense of humor. From his start on Disney’s Even Stevens, he’s been the kid who loves to make people laugh.

“I would do insane things,” he said. “We’d be working on scenes… and we’d decide, ‘Hey, let’s strip down to our bare asses and streak down the hallway.’ Somewhere in the Disney vaults there’s video footage with my penis on it.”

Wow. We bet that footage would sell for a pretty penny.