VIDEO: Rihanna and Jay-Z Break Bread, Spark Pap Frenzy

In perhaps the most high-profile meal since the Last Supper, Rihanna and Jay-Z chowed down at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood on Thursday night, talking about their new music and enjoying yellowtail, miso cod and sake with five other guests, People magazine reports.

Upon their exit from the restaurant, Ri-Ri and Mr. Beyonce were confronted by what must have been every paparazzi on the face of the planet, and then some. Check out the video below, courtesy of

Whoa. talk about a swarm!

But the two didn’t seem to be put off by the barrage of popping flashbulbs. In fact, Jay-Z even had a laugh at the expense of Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend and alleged assaulter, Chris Brown.

When one of the paps called out, “Is it true that Chris Brown originated the swine flu,” he let out a priceless cackle. View the exchange below:

Too funny. Because it’s true.