VIDEO: Taylor Swift Celebrates Mother's Day Early

VIDEO: Taylor Swift Celebrates Mother's Day Early-photo


While most of us will probably be making a last-minute dash to the florist's next Sunday, country songbird Taylor Swift has already put together a loving tribute to her mother with more than a week to go before Mother's Day.

Swift's latest  video, for the song "The Best Day," features home video of the 19-year-old Fearless songbird as a tot, along with her mother, father, and little brother, as Swift sings about the wisdom and strength her family has given her.

What a cute kid—who's obviously grown up to be a thoughtful adult.

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  • taylorswiftrox

    wow i love the song it is soo great YAY TAY!!!

  • Tina

    Wow Taylor! Thats an amazing song and video. I know you made your mom so proud. Wish i could have the chance to tell my mother how great she was. you never know when your time with them is over. You did good.

  • faith

    i am going to make one of those next year for mothers day! haha to late to do now! i love this song so much its really good! i ddint even know she had a little brother!! aha! love this song so much i wish i could sing!

  • megan

    thats what my sister and i are doing for my momma for mothers day haha, this is cute!! i love taylor!

  • Rita

    Oh My God....i can just say that it is one of her best songs...and m not able to stop my tears...thak you ...Taylor...