Ashley Greene Talks ‘New Moon’ Hookups

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the cast of New Moon has been filming in Vancouver, and their extracurricular activities have been a tabloid mainstay.

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen, spoke to E! about all the hookups and what’s really going down in Canada. “This is the thing, I look at magazines. I don’t know why, but other people’s lives intrigue us for some reason. Especially with this movie in particular, all of our chemistry is so great onscreen that people want it to be real offscreen, and even if it isn’t, they are still going to say that it is.”

But is the constant media attention getting to her? “It’s seriously so much fun still,” she says. “Not too overwhelming yet, because I’m really enjoying and lucky to be doing what I’m doing. Everyone on the set is friends—we all go out together and have dinners. But yeah, it’s crazy because all of a sudden everyone cares what you’re wearing, what you’re drinking, who you’re kissing.”

And as for the rumors that she’s been dating her on-screen love, Jackson Rathbone? Smiling, she says, “Um…Jackson is a sweetheart. But we’re…um. No.”

That sounds like a confirmation to us…but what do you think?

Are Jackson and Ashley a couple in real-life too? Dish your opinions in the comments!