Kara DioGuardi May Be Done With ‘Idol’

Well, that was quick.

After becoming the controversial, fourth judge for the current season of American Idol, Kara DioGuardi is confirming that her time is almost up.

She tells TV Guide Magazine, “I’m only here for one season. That’s what we’ve discussed. So we’ll see what happens. Hopefully they’ll keep me on.”

She continued, “My life has become extremely exciting and I am so excited for this opportunity. I feel grateful to America that they let me grow and they let me find my groove on the show and that they were patient. And hopefully I haven’t disappointed them. It’s been a scary experience at times.”

Rumors of DioGuardi not getting along with the other judges have been rampant these past few months. When asked about DioGuardi’s return, Simon Cowell didn’t sound too keen on his fellow judge.

“The only say I have is about Ryan, Randy and Paula. I’ve always made it clear that I wouldn’t like to do the show without them. So that’s all I’m really concerned about.”


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Source: Jack Guy/FOX