Halle Berry: Looking a Little Bumpy?

Halle Berry: Looking a Little Bumpy?-photo

Goodness, Halle Berry, it looks like your one-year-old daughter, Nahla Aubry, isn't the only one in your family who's growing rapidly.

The Monster's Ball actress, 42, took Nahla on a shopping expedition at Los Angeles' Century City Mall on Saturday, and it doesn't take an electron microscope to detect a bit of a protuberance around her midsection.

And mind you, this is a woman who takes great pride in maintaining her figure.

Something else to consider: Back in October, Berry's baby daddy, model Gabriel Aubry, made it known that they definitely want to add to their family sooner rather than later.

Does Nahla have a little brother or sister on the way? Use our ZOOM feature to check out Halle's bump and let us know in the comments section: Is Halle Berry pregnant again?



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  • LOL

    @hispanicatthedisco-very funny, best post here yet. @Noah-LMAOROTF Congrats to Noah the Troll Detective! They wouldn't be the 1st to ever get busted if you what is true. Am kinda lost you were joking about Gabriel Aubry posting, right? Why he post?

  • noah

    ... Charity Auction ... MIA... ... Spanx ... Like Boo said... MIA s... ... Spanx ... charity auction ...... Eric's myspace page... She looks nothing like Aubry. Haha, oh man, look how blatant the troll commenting was for these three posts. They are totally the same person: look at the exact spelling, word choice, punctuation, agreeing with your former posts... wow, nice one buddy.

    Give it up man... or should I call you by your real name: Gabriel Aubry!

    BUSTED. Now excuse me, I'm gonna go join CSI Celebuzz.

  • jay

    Nope not preggers. True Aubry's been at his place in the Big Apple since the end of March. Pix on the Internet. They were last seen in a damage control/stage pix at the very same rumored in-vitro clinic she went to get Nahla. She's not wearing her Spanx, didn't look preggers in that skintight black dress a week ago or the one at her charity auction. Halle and Gaybriel Nahla's father aren't going to have anymore kids together. Can't believe you believe the bs of their arrangement. Maybe the true? Same eye color, shape and skin tone check it out on Eric's myspace page. She looks nothing like Aubry.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Totally preggers, it's so obvious. Gabriel probably mailed her his seed so she could get the job done.

  • eli

    Why is it every time she's slouched, wearing something baggy, bloated or not wearing her Spanx girdle thingy she's all of a sudden pregnant. Please post when it's confirmed. Like Boo said it's all wishful thinking until then and Aubry has been MIA since late March. Halle may want to seriously think about moving out of LA for the sake of Nahla.

  • boo

    Agree w/AFF. Don't see a bump, wishful thinking gang. It's the way she's standing. At both Wolverine and Jennessee Charity Auction she was wearing a skin tight dress sans bump a week ago/last weekend. Don't think she and Aubry are even still living together despite rumors both might be wearing clothes by Calvin Klein at the Met Costume Gala in the Big Apple today/Monday. He has been MIA for over a month working in NYC etc.

  • AskFfrenchie

    I think it's ridiculous that this is even an issue! Halle is a slim woman and this is why womean have such a bad view of their body! Yes this picture shows she has a little bump BUT WHO CARES! www.askffrenchie.blogspot.com

  • elisilla

    That's so weird, because she looked great at the Wolverine screening, wearing that black dress. And in these pictures there's definitely a bump.