VIDEO: Britney Spears Fan Arrested After Rushing the Stage

Britney Spears certainly seems to be encountering more than her share of overzealous fans lately.

There was the “documentarian” who played peek-a-boo with a video camera at Brit-Brit’s Calabasas, California, home last month.

And, of course, there’s former “manager” Sam Lutfi, who just can’t seem to quit her.

Now, TMZ reports, a Britney fan was arrested on Saturday night when he jumped on stage  during her concert at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

Kyle King, 20, made his move while Brit and the band churned through an encore of her hit single “Womanizer.” Connecticut State Police—who indicate that alcohol was involved—say King acted uncooperatively when he was taken into custody, so they arrested him and charged him with interfering with police.

King was released on Sunday morning on a $250 bond and has a date to appear at Norwich Superior Court on June 18.

And because there’s no event that doesn’t make its way onto the Internet anymore, here’s video of King’s breach of traditional performer-fan boundaries: