Denise Richards Apologizes For Baseball Performance

You’re probably still recovering from listening to Denise Richards performance at Friday evening’s Cubs Game.

Trust us, we are too. The reality TV star sang “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” at Chicago’s Wrigley field during the 7th inning stretch. It wasn’t pretty.

She knew it too. She told the Palm Beach Post that the experience was “Horrifying.. I’m not a singer and then to be in front of all those people is a little terrifying.”

However, she did love being at Wrigley field. “You feel like it’s old-school baseball. I love how the scoreboard isn’t all digital. It’s very authentic and traditional.”

She even gave some advice to a fellow tabloid mainstay. When asked which baseball star would have success in reality TV, she answered, “Alex Rodriguez. Whenever you’re going through things in your personal life, you’re approached. I’m sure that’s why I was approached. And with the Internet and the tabloid magazines, your whole personal life is out there for everybody to see.”

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