Jenny McCarthy is Oprah's Newest Project

Jenny McCarthy is Oprah's Newest Project-photo

Actress Jenny McCarthy is the latest person that Oprah Winfrey has taken under her wing. 

Jenny and Oprah are teaming up to work on a number of projects, which will include her own talk show. Jenny already has her own blog on Oprah's official site, Her most recent entry discussed sugar and PMS.

Oprah has had Jenny as a guest star on the show frequently, as McCarthy is a devoted spokesperson for Autism awareness, a disease which her son Evan suffers from. 

Oprah has helped launched the talk show careers of both Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray, among others.

Have your say in the comments section: Would you watch a Jenny McCarthy talk show?



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  • V

    The only ignorance around here is you people commenting on vaccines without knowing what your taking about!! As a mom of 3 who is a former nurse, I was taught to believe vaccines are life saving and very important. After my second son had a bad reaction to his vaccines and developed Autism at the age of 3 (was totally normal before) I finally realized these moms including Jenny who have this vaccine theory are not my point is we never care about what happens to other people only to ourselves. Your kids are fine so you can point and say "those moms who don't vaccinate are nuts' but until you have watched your kid get sick and go down hill after a shot you have NO room to comment...YES I would watch her and thank Jenny for getting the voice of Autism families heard!

  • Tanya

    No way would I watch her. She is a complete nut. It is so sad that Oprah is supporting her wacko ignorance.

  • joe

    are you kidding? that crazy broad wasted countless time and money telling people not to get their kids immunized because she thought it might have caused her kids autism. then she continued AFTER it came out that she was full of crap and there is no link twixt the two. she would rather watch other people's kids die of measles mumps and rubella (all three viruses of the mmr vaccine are back in force) than admit there might not be anything she can do for her kid. boo this woman.

  • Kathleen

    Yes, I would watch a Jenny talk show if there is one. I find her very dynamic and funny!